a traditional Hebrew unit of quantity equal to 10, the number of males aged 13 or over required for a Jewish worship service. (In many modern congregations, both males and females can be included in a minyan.)

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  • MINYAN — (Heb. מִנְיָן; number ), designation for the quorum of ten male adults, aged 13 years or over, necessary for public synagogue service and certain other religious ceremonies. The Talmud (Ber. 21b; Meg. 23b) derives this number from the term edah ( …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • minyan — [min′yən, min yän′] n. pl. minyanim [min΄yä nēm′] or minyans [MHeb minyan < TalmudHeb, orig., number, quantity < root mnh, to number, count] a properly constituted group for a public Jewish prayer service, made up of at least ten Jewish… …   English World dictionary

  • Minyan — Min*yan (m[ e]n*y[aum]n ), n. (Jewish Relig.) A quorum, or number necessary, for conducting public worship. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • minyan — Seph. /meen yahn /; Ashk., Eng. /min yeuhn/, n., pl. minyanim Seph. /meen yah neem /; Ashk. /min yaw nim/, Eng. minyans. Hebrew. 1. the number of persons required by Jewish law to be present to conduct a communal religious service, traditionally… …   Universalium

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  • minyan — noun (plural minyanim or yans) Etymology: Hebrew minyān, literally, number, count Date: 1753 the quorum required for Jewish communal worship that consists of ten male adults in Orthodox Judaism and usually ten adults of either sex in Conservative …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • minyan — [ mɪnjən] noun (plural minyanim mɪnjənɪm) a quorum of ten men over the age of 13 required for traditional Jewish public worship. Origin C18: from Heb. minyān, lit. reckoning …   English new terms dictionary

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